• Stafford County Public Schools Online Registration FAQ’s





    What do I do if I am not seeing an add button, to add my student?

    If you think something does not look right or you are missing buttons, please logout and try a different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera)

     Our family is new to Stafford County. Should I register all my children at once, or start a new pre-registration process for each child?

    The ParentVUE account that is created for the registering parent will be linked to all the students in the family. You must enter the information for all of your children enrolling in the district prior to clicking on the Submit button to finalize the pre-registration.  

    Should I use the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal to register any of my current Stafford Schools students for the upcoming school year?

    The ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal should only be used to pre-register a student who is not currently attending a Stafford County school. Current Stafford Schools students will be enrolled in their proper grade level and zoned school based on attendance zones for the upcoming school year.


    What do I do when I receive a message that the email is already in use? I have not activated a ParentVUE Account.


    Contact the school office, the zoned school for where you are attempting to create an account.  They can provide assistance to your ParentVUE account.  For a list of schools, please visit Our Schools page.


    I do not have access to a computer. Do I have to register online?

    While it is not required to pre-register online, Stafford Schools is offering this service as an efficiency to parents/legal guardians. Parents may enter as much or as little information in the initial session and return repeatedly to complete the pre-registration. If you wish to fill out a paper registration for your student, visit the Stafford Schools Registration page to download documents and you may also visit your student’s zoned school to obtain registration forms.

    Is my pre-registration information kept private and secure?

    The ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal has a number of features designed to make the system safe and secure for maintaining the registration information. First, the URL begins with https://, rather than the standard http://. This indicates that the information contained on that page is secure and encrypted. Always be sure to keep your password confidential and to logout of the system.

    I am having difficulty entering my home address.

    The ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal goes through an address validation procedure as the home address is entered. The green checkmark that appears indicates that the entered address is within an Stafford Schools attendance zone. It is important to enter the appropriate information into each field so that the address may be validated. 

    Address Verification

               Common issues to avoid:

               Entering the street type (Court, Place, Avenue, etc.) in the Street field; this part of the address should be entered in the Type field.Entering direction (S, SE, N, NE   etc.) in the Street field; this part of the address should be entered in either the Direction or Post Direction fields.

    If your home address fails to validate, you may not use the ParentVUE Online Registration portal. Please contact your zoned school to schedule an appointment to register your child. Visit the Stafford Schools Registration page to download registration forms or obtain them from your zoned school.


    Can I print a copy of the Online Pre-registration information?

    On the Review/Submit screen, click on the Review button to access the Print button.

    Print Pre-registration

    If you have already submitted the Online Pre-registration, log back into the Online Pre-registration site. Click on the Status tab and click on the Review button. You will then be able to print the submitted information.

    Where can I find my email confirmation message?

    Your email confirmation will come from this address (Noreply@staffordschools.net). If you don’t see your email confirmation in your inbox PLEASE check your spam email. Your email message should look as follows.


    Email Notification


    While completeing my regisrtation I came across a unknown error. (examples below)

    Server Error

     404 Error.

    If you see the error listed below or something similar, please clear your browser cache. If you do not know how to clear your browser cache, please click here.