Summer School 2020 - Elementary

  • Elementary Summer School will be held from June 15 through July 2 (Monday - Thursday) from 8:00am - 12:00pm. 

    Parents/Guardians will be notified by your school if summer school is recommended for your child.  Please refer to your child’s school for more information.

    This year, all students will receive both breakfast and lunch at summer school. There will be no cost for either meal. 

    In addition, all students will be transported to a "site school" for summer school. The site schools are as follows:

    • Falmouth will host Conway, Ferry Farm, and Grafton Village.
    • Kate Waller Barrett will host Garrisonville, Margaret Brent, and Rockhill. 
    • Moncure will host Anthony Burns, Park Ridge, and Winding Creek. 
    • Rocky Run will host Hartwood. 
    • Widewater will host Hampton Oaks and Stafford Elementary.