SOL Remediation & Test 2020

  • SOL Remediation/Test Prep

    Students who received a passing grade in a course, but failed the SOL end-of-course test in a course for which a verified credit is necessary for graduation, should attend an SOL review/test preparation program. This program will prepare students to retake the SOL test.

    There is no cost for this program. Students should pre-register through the counseling office at their base school. Graduating seniors, who attend all sessions, will receive incentives, including compensation for travel.

    Dates: July 6 – 23 (Monday - Thursday)
    Time: 8:00 am - 12 noon
    Location: North Stafford HS
    Transportation: Provided from base school

    SOL Remediation programs may be offered for the following courses:
    Algebra I 
    Earth Science 
    World History I
    World History II
    U.S. History
    English 11

    SOL Remediation and Project Graduation Form

    SOL Remediation and Project Graduation Form - Spanish