• The information below details the way the Stafford County Literacy Fair has worked in previous years.  More information coming soon on this year's fair.  

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  • Literacy Fair

    The Literacy Fair is an event sponsored by the Stafford County High School Libraries that allows students to show their creativty and enthusiam for their favorite books or authors. Students create projects, similar to science fair projects, to share information about their favorite book or author in a manner that would encourage others to want to read that book or author's works.  Participants decorate a standard tri-fold display board that acts as a type of "storyboard" for their book or author.  Models, shadow boxes, illustrations, paintings, 3-D items, and more may be included so long as they fit within the height & width of the display board and the depth of the table surface used for display.  No items used in the display can hang over the table surface or be placed on the floor in front of the display.  No items used should be living, dangerous, valuable, or food items susceptible to spoilage.  Text may be handwritten or typed.  Students may dress up or hold items relating to their display, and in all cases should be very knowledgeable about the content of their chosen book or the details of their author's life and works. On the back of the display board, the participant should list his or her name, grade level, high school, and book category (or state that it is an author display). 

    The Fair will be held in the spring of each school year.  Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well in a number of other categories, such as "People's Choice."  Prizes include a trophy for the grand prize winner, and ribbons, medals, and gift cards for other winners.  

    The categories for entry are: 

    Fiction:  Choose a book that is dystopian, fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, romance, humorous, mystery/suspense, horror, supernatural.

    Nonfiction:  Choose a book that is informational or a biography/autobiography/memoir.

    Author: Give details about the author and his work or works (may be fiction or nonfiction).


    More details can be found in the files below.