BP Graduate IB exam results - detailed info

  • Accessing your results:

    To access your results any time July 6 or after, go to https://candidates.ibo.org and log in using the information on the bright yellow login info sheet (or the photo you took of it, if applicable) that I gave you in April, which includes your IB personal code and PIN.  This was also the login you used to upload certain assessments like the written task / assignment, if applicable.

    • To access your results, you only need your personal code and PIN.
      • Do not use Safari.  Mozilla Firefox works best, but usually Chrome is ok, too.
      • If you need to get this info because you cannot locate it, call the Counseling office:  Mrs. Hough, the registrar, has the info you need as well.   You can also email me, but it may be a while before I can get back to you.
    • To see how you did on your exams, click on the Results tab.  Remember, your results are not sent to you.
    • To see which college or university you requested to receive your IB transcript of results, click on the Transcript tab.
      • If your desired destination for results has changed, see info below.


    For graduates requesting an IB transcript of results to be sent to a college/university after they leave BPHS:

    If you completed the college results form indicating where you wanted your results sent, be sure to check your school's registrar office to see if they have your results -- requests submitted to the Coordinator are always sent to colleges/universities before July 1 of the grad year. 


    If your school has trouble loacting them, or you never completed the form in the first place, OR you transfer to another college later and need your IB transcript sent, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to candidates.ibo.org (see info above) if possible.
    2. For a transcript request, you will also need your candidate session # in addition to your personal code and PIN. (If you don't know this, contact the Coordinator.)
    3. Go to the following link to request a transcript directly from IB (there is a fee, currently $17.00):



    Joining the IB Alumni Network:

    To join the network, click on the IB Graduates tab.  It takes about 30 seconds and will link you to other IB grads around the world who are doing cool and productive things – you never know what kind of connections you could make!

    IB’s note about the IB Alumni Network:

    To date, more than 1.2 million students worldwide have graduated from the Diploma Programme (DP). IB students reflect diverse experiences and perspectives, attend IB World Schools in around 150 countries representing an even broader range of nationalities.

    Subscribe to the alumni network to receive a quarterly newsletter with stories from inspiring IB graduates and updates on new initiatives. To join, send us your name, email address, and intended university.

    That’s it!  It’s like LinkedIn for IB grads.  Go for it!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: When will I get my scores?
    A: You are able to access scores online only (https://candidates.ibo.org) beginning on July 6. The scheduled score release time is 11:15 AM; you must have your personal code and PIN to access your scores (yellow sheet mentioned above, given out in April).  Scores are not sent to you.


    Q: What should I do if I lost the paperwork with the personal code, PIN, and candidate session code on it?
    A: Call the Counseling office of BPHS during normal office hours (M-Th). Mrs. Gose and Ms. Hough can give you this information.  OR… email me.


    Q: I am having trouble accessing the scores online. Can you just send them to me?
    A: Scores must be accessed online by you. If you are having trouble accessing your scores, try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser. Safari still just doesn’t work at all well. Also, make sure you are typing in the personal code and PIN correctly. Both are case-sensitive. 


    Q: When will the college/university get my IB scores?

    A:  Colleges and universities that have requested electronic versions of IB transcripts from IB will receive results by mid-July.  Those that have requested paper copies to be mailed should receive them by early August (they are mailed by the end of July).


    Q:  Should I contact my university’s registrar office in mid-August to double-check that they received my scores so I can negotiate credit for qualifying IB scores?

    A:  Absolutely, yes.  (Sometimes you can even negotiate credit for non-qualifying scores if you the school will give you a placement test or other measure of your knowledge in a subject area.)  It’s always best to double-check -- call or email the Registrar's Office (most likely Admissions does not take care of this).  Sometimes a school will let its contact information to IB Transcripts lapse and it becomes inaccurate, so if they have not received your results and you checked that the results went to the right school, ask them to check that the contact person for the registrar’s office to receive IB scores is up-to-date.


    Q:  Can I request to have my assessments re-scored – or can I retake them?

    1. Yes, see below for details on each option – contact me immediately if you are interested in either: 
    • The deadline for a re-score request is Sept 1. My experience is that the score usually does not change, just FYI.  The fee is $120 per subject, and IA’s and multiple-choice components are not included in this option (i.e., the scores remain for those regardless of a re-score request and are factored in to the new score).  It’s also important to note that a score can go down.
    • The deadline for a retake registration is July 29 for the November 2018 exam session, and Sept 15 for the May 2019 exam session. You can retake all components but the IA; that mark is carried forward to count again toward your next score.  You must come to BPHS to take the exams, either in November as an individual, or in May 2019 with the other students taking exams, on the schedule dictated by IB.   The fee has not been published yet, but will be in the neighborhood of $300 per subject.
    • Both types of request must be done through the IB Coordinator.

    Q: When will I receive my IB Diploma or IB Certificate(s)?

    A: We traditionally hold an IB award ceremony during college winter break while most graduates are home after their first semester. You will receive an invitation by email around Thanksgiving for this event (I will use the email address given to me on the Google form – please remember to check it!). Graduates who have earned at 4 or higher ("passing") in at least one IB subject in 2018 will be invited to come receive their IB certificates, and this is when full IB Diploma candidates who earned the diploma receive it. If you are unable to attend, you may pick up the award(s) in the BPHS office after the award ceremony (date TBD, but likely mid-Dec or early Jan).


    Important dates to remember:

    • May of grad year – deadline for free request for your IB exam results to be sent to the colloege / university of your choice
    • July 6 – results became available at 11:15am
    • mid-July – colleges/universities that request electronic results should receive them
    • early August – colleges/universities that request paper results should receive them
    • September 1 – deadline for re-score request (cost varies but is over $100 per subject)
    • September 15 – deadline for retake registration for Nov exams if you want to retake the exam to improve your score (cost varies but is over $300 per subject)
    • Early January – IB Grad Award Ceremony for all students earning at least one passing score (4+)