• Mrs. Greene Math Specialist  



            Welcome to Park Ridge, where we believe in the power of kids.   As educators, I believe it is our job to prepare children to face the challenges of the future with an "I can" attitude.   This attitude needs to be nurtured and developed now, in the early years.  As the Math Specialist at Park Ridge, I am excited to be able to be a part of this.   Our world is like Math, full of problems just waiting to be solved.   They won't be solved right away, and we will make mistakes along the way, but together we will do our best to find a solution,

            My personal history with Park Ridge began in 1992 when two of my three children walked through the doors as students.  Since that day as a parent, I have been a paraprofessional, a 4th and 5th grade teacher for 14 years, and finally a Math Specalist.   As the Math Specialist at Park Ridge, I am available to support teachers, students, and parents as we all try to make sense of this mathematical world we live in.  Together we can move mountains.  There is nothing that is impossible, within that word itself is "I'm possible."

        Please feel free to contact me when you or your child need extra resources or support.