• In-School Running Program

    All of our students, K-5th grade, participate in our in-school running program during their PE class.  At the beginning of every class, weather permitting, we head out to the track and run, jog, and walk for about six minutes.  This is a great opportunity for our kids to improve their cardiorespiratory endurance and strengthen their hearts, lungs, and legs.  Our track at Rockhill Elementary is 1/6th of a mile around (6 laps is 1 mile).  We give each student a running number at the beginning of the year, and we use this to monitor how many laps each student is performing.  After every 5 miles, the students receive a special shoe token that they can proudly display on their shoes, on their backpack, wear as a necklace, or some other creative way.  Below is a description of the various shoe tokens the students can earn.  


    5 miles (30 laps)- One Foot 

    10 miles (60 laps)- Two Feet together

    15 miles (90 laps)- Shoe

    20 miles (120 laps)- Running man

    25 miles (150 laps)- Number 25

    30 miles (180 laps)- Gigantic Foot

    35 miles (210 laps)- Medal