The Math Department

    Who is in the Math Department?

    Ms. Sandy Greene, Math Specialist

    Mrs. Lisa Buehrle, Math Paraprofessional

    Mrs. Madeline Cole

    What do we do?

    Our department...

    • works to support an effective K-5 mathematics program that fosters a growth mindset in our teachers and students.  We focus on problem solving,  building number sense, and developing computational fluency.
    • offers additional support to students in small groups in the Math Lab.
    • celebrates mathematics with school-wide incentives as part of our Dreambox learning program.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
    • encourages students to take mathematical risks with our problem solving program for grades 2-5.

    The Specialist...

    • collaborates with grade levels and individual teachers to support effective instruction that addresses the needs of our diverse student body. This year that will include the implementation of our new Math series, Stepping Stones. 
    • assists in administering assessments and analyzing data in an effort to maximize student growth.