Bomb Threats

  • Bomb Threats

    School administrators along with the school crisis team, will immediately call law enforcement and the Department of Safety, Security and Risk Management. The County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services are also contacted for assistance. The assessment of further action is made with consultation and input from all four groups.

    Decision Making

     All bomb threats are taken seriously and carefully analyzed. All bomb threats are treated as genuine until a proper and concise investigation is completed. The decision making process begins with gathering as much information about the threat itself.  Once all information has been gathered all four groups make a command and subjective judgement call regarding the degree of credibility that can be placed on the specific threat. 

    Based on all critical facts and data obtained, at least six possible alternatives or actions are taken:

    Conduct a low profile search of the exterior grounds and public areas of the building.

    Conduct a comprehensive search, having all staff search their work areas in addition to the grounds and public areas, so the entire building is covered.

    Search with partial evacuation.

    Evacuate after searching

    Evacuate immediately.


    During and after all bomb threats communication with schools, law enforcement, parents and media is constant only when appropriate, necessary and with consent from the investigative authority.