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    VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship Program
    VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship Program is open and deadline to apply is November 1st 2019 @ 5 pm! The link to the website is below. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email vmfafellowships@vmfa.museum or call 804-204-2685. https://www.vmfa.museum/programs/college/visual-arts-fellowships/ 



    Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) provides the following FREE STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities for Virginia high school students in grades 10 through 12.

    10TH GRADE
    Virginia Space Coast Scholars (VSCS) – Online course for 10th grade students focusing on missions flown or managed by NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, with a week-long summer academy program at NASA Wallops Flight Facility. http://vsgc.odu.edu/spacecoast/

    Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS) – Online course for 11th and 12th grade students focusing on NASA’s human spaceflight missions and the Journey to the Moon and on to Mars with a week-long summer academy at NASA Langley Research Center. Students can earn up to four free dual enrollment college credits.  http://vsgc.odu.edu/VASTS/

    Virginia Earth System Science Scholars (VESSS) – This interactive online earth system science course for 11th and 12th grade students features NASA scientific research and data. Students can earn up to five dual enrollment college credits and can also be selected to attend a summer academy program at NASA Langley Research Center.  http://vsgc.odu.edu/VESSS

    Our online course applications are OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER 10th for 10th – 12th grade students to apply. 


    Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP)

    STEM apprenticeship opportunities available for high school students.

    Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP)

    High School Apprenticeship Program ((HSAP)

    Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)

    For more information, visit USAEOP


    Department of Navy and the Department of Defense STEM Programs

    The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) provides an

    opportunity for high school students to participate in research at a

    Department of Navy (DoN) laboratory during the summer.



     The Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) provides an

    opportunity for college students to participate in research at a Department

    of Navy (DoN) laboratory during the summer.



    The Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART)

    Scholarship-for-Service Program was established as a concentrated effort to

    enhance the Department of Defense (DoD) workforce with talented, innovative

    and brilliant scientists, engineers and researchers. SMART Scholars enter

    the program to pursue their education in some of the leading STEM fields

    currently in high demand by the United States Government. The program offers

    scholarships for bachelors, masters and PhD students pursuing STEM. While in

    school, students will receive full tuition, monthly stipends, health

    insurance and book allowances, as well as summer internships that range from

    8 to 12 weeks. Upon degree completion, scholars begin working in a civilian

    position with their sponsoring facility. The internships and work experience

    allow scholars the opportunity to learn from the greatest minds in STEM and

    defense. Not only do scholars pursue their passions in their respective

    field during their educational phase, but they begin a journey towards an

    empowering career to protect national security.



     The Department of Defense (DoD), through the Office of the Under Secretary

    for Research and Engineering and the military services, promotes education

    in science and engineering disciplines relevant to the Defense mission. One

    means of promoting science and engineering education is through awarding

    fellowships to encourage promising U.S. scientists to pursue doctoral

    degrees in designated research disciplines.  The DoD National Defense

    Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Program is a competitive

    fellowship that is awarded to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and U.S. dual

    citizens who intend to pursue a Doctoral degree aligned to the DoD services

    Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs) in research and development at a U.S.

    institution of their choice.  DoD plans to award fellowships to individuals

    who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced training in

    S&E.  The NDSEG Fellowship lasts for 3 years and pays for full tuition and

    all mandatory fees; a monthly stipend ($38,400 annually); a $5,000 travel

    budget over the Fellow's tenure for professional development; and up to

    $1,200 a year in health insurance.




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