We Value Your Input

  • The School Board of Stafford County welcomes comments from parents, students and residents, and believes that strong community engagement is an important component of a successful school system. The board expects each speaker to deliver his or her comments with civility and respect. Speakers are to be respectful of the opinions of others and refrain from disruptive behavior that impedes the orderly conduct of the board meeting.

    Where and when may citizens speak? Citizens may speak during the Citizen Comments portion of the board meetings that are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board chambers. Please see the school board calendar for exact dates and times.

    Where do I sign up to speak? If you wish to speak during the Citizens Comment portion of the meeting, please place your name on the sign-in sheet that is available on the table in the lobby of the school board chambers. The sign-up sheet is placed on the table one hour before the meeting begins, and is removed five minutes before the meeting begins. If you aren't able to sign up before the sheet is removed, you can still speak. After the pre-registered citizens have all made their comments, the board chairperson will issue an open call for anyone who wishes to come forward to speak.

    For how long may I speak? Typically, each citizen is limited to three (3) minutes. However, the Board chairperson reserves the right to revise the number of minutes allocated to each speaker depending upon the number of people wishing to speak.

    What if we have a group? The group as a whole is limited to three (3) minutes.

    What if I have handouts? If you wish to bring some handouts, please bring nine printed copies. 

    Is a written copy of my comments required? No, a copy is not required. However, if you want the document to be made a part of the historical record of the meeting, you may give a copy of your comments to the school board clerk after concluding your speech.

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Last Modified on August 24, 2020