Standing Committees

  • School Board Standing Committees

    The school board currently has five standing committees, which were created via Stafford Schools Policy 1111. Each one has three school board members assigned to it. The meetings of all committees are open to the public except the Student Disciplinary Committee. The five standing committees are:

        1. Finance and Budget Committee
        2. Governance Committee
        3. Joint Schools Working Committee (a joint committee with the board of supervisors)
        4. Legislative Committee
        5. Student Disciplinary Committee

    When are the committee meeting agendas available?

    Agendas for the committee meetings are made available on the committee webpage one business day prior to the meeting.

    When are meeting minutes available?

    Draft minutes for these committee meetings are typically brought to the committee for approval (by vote) at the next committee meeting. Members of the public may view the draft minutes as an attachment to the next meeting's agenda. To view the draft minutes from the last meeting, you should look for the agenda for the next scheduled meeting. The agendas can be found on each committee's webpage.

    Approved minutes for these committee meetings are made available to the public one to two business days after the committee has voted to approve them. The approved minutes can be found on each committee's webpage.