Special Education Advisory Committee

  • Purpose:  To advise the School Board of Stafford County concerning community perspectives about the school division's special education programs, services and activities consistent with the requirements of relevant law, rule and/or regulation. 

    Membership:  Members of the Board shall reserve up to two appointments for membership. There may also be up to six at-large seats. **Employees shall only serve as consultants on this committee. One (1) parent of a student with a disability per election district appointed by the respective board member, three (3) at-large members one each representing an employer of a person with a disability, an agency that provides services to citizens or students with disabilities, a citizen with a disability, and a teacher.

    Questions about this advisory committee should be directed to the committee facilitator (Dr. George Hummer). His contact information is provided below. 


    The committee officers are Tina Johnson (chair), Karen Kenney (vice-chair), and Nicole Johnson (secretary).

    Please note that each meeting's agenda will be available to the public one day prior to the meeting. A link to the document will be inserted into the below table at that time. The minutes from that meeting will then be brought to the committee for approval (by vote) at the next meeting. Once the minutes have been approved, a link to the document will be inserted into the below table (usually within 48 hours after approval).

    Below are the scheduled meeting dates for the current school year. In the event of inclement weather or a school closure, the meeting will be canceled.

Committee Facilitator

Phone: (540) 658-6505


Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. George Hummer

Executive Director of the Student Services Department

School Board Member Liaison

Phone: 540-706-4873


Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Sarah Chase

School Board Member for the Falmouth District

School Board Member Alternate Liaison

Phone: 540-706-4886


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Alyssa Halstead

School Board Member for the Hartwood District

Current Special Education Advisory Committee Members

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