How to Use the Manual

    In accordance with SCPS Policy 1105, our new manual reflects a new codification system and reflects nine major classifications:

    1000  District Organization, Philosophy, and Goals
    2000  Student Services
    3000  Teaching and Learning
    4000  Human Resources Services
    5000  Financial Management
    6000  Information System Services
    7000  Support Services
    8000  Facilities Services
    9000  Business, Governmental, and Community Relations

    Subclassifications are based on logical sequence and numerical subcoding. An example for Classification 1000 is as follows:

    1100  School Board
    1200  Superintendent of Schools
    1300  Legal Counsel and Legal Services
    1400  Division Organization
    1500  School Calendar
    1600  Triennial Census
    1700  Division Planning
    1800  Reserved
    1900  Reserved 

    The numerical subcodings are in lots of 100, and the same sequence follows within each major classification listed above. The title “RESERVED” is used for those subclassifications with no policies or regulations.

    Persons without access to the internet may request a hard copy of any policy or regulation by contacting a school principal or site administrator, or by contacting the Clerk of the School Board at the Alvin York Bandy Administrative Complex at 31 Stafford Avenue, Stafford, Virginia, or by telephone at (540) 658-6530. Citizens may request a hard copy of the complete manual upon special request and approved by the Superintendent. A fee may be charged for this service.

    Understanding the Symbols

    -R: This symbol indicates that the statement is a regulation rather than a policy.

    -E: This symbol indicates that the statement is an exhibit associated with the policy and/or regulation.

    Adopted: The date of adoption/approval appears immediately following each policy/regulation number and title. It is also shown at the end of each written policy and or regulation.

    Legal Ref: Is found at the end of each written policy and or regulation (information is intentionally left blank in the title information section). The legal reference is pertinent information to tell the reader where in state law certain statutes relate to a policy.