• The Identification Process

    I think my child may need gifted services. What do I do?

    Talk to your child’s teacher regarding your child’s performance, achievement, and behavior in the classroom
    Talk to the Gifted Resource Teacher in your school

    **The gifted resource teacher can provide additional information to students previously identified in Stafford or other divisions to receive gifted services; this includes the process related to the Military Compact.
    The Gifted Referral Process

    All SCPS 2nd graders will complete the CogAT online screener to target potentially gifted children. However, a K-5th-grade child may be referred to begin the Gifted Identification by a variety of stakeholders.  Referrals frequently come from the following individuals:

    • classroom teacher
    • gifted resource teacher
    • the student
    • parents or guardian

    *Contact the Gifted Resource Teacher to initiate the referral during the following rolling windows: September 1-October 17th and December 1-January 13th

    *The identification procedure takes 90 workdays (3-4 months) to gather a complete picture of the student’s performance and how the needs of the student can best be met.

    *Students may be found in need of services in grades K-12 when they are found to be significantly above grade level in verbal/reading skills, AND/OR in logical/mathematical skills. 

    Gifted Art is available for referral for students in grades 6-12.

    My child has been referred to Gifted Services. Now what?

    The parent will receive an email from the K-12 Facilitator of Gifted and Secondary Programs. The letter will briefly explain the procedure for gifted identification. It will also contain:

    • a permission slip – allows the Gifted Resource Teacher to begin the identification process (due within two weeks of receipt)
    • a parent survey   – one or both parents will complete the survey (within 60 days of receipt)

    The classroom teacher will begin observing your child and after permission has been received, and the gifted resource teacher will also pull the referred child for observation. 

    How Can I Support Gifted Learners?
    SCPS encourages parents to become involved and stay involved throughout their child's educational journey. Consider becoming a member of the Gifted Advisory Committee and frequently visit the  NAGC to review the latest news about gifted education.