• Dear Parents and Families, 

         It is a pleasure to be working with you this school year! My goal is to form a partnership with you as we work together to help your child grow academically and socially. As we work together this year, I hope we can both share your child's "glows" and "grows!" On a daily basis, you can expect to receive a daily home note that will go home with your child every night. This will provide you with a quick account of how our day was at school. Then, you can provide us with some details about any activities that you participated in with your child at home, on the back side of that note.  

         Throughout the year, we will be using a self-regulation program called Zones of Regulation. Please visit the link on resources to learn more about it. Student behavior will usually be assessed according to the "zone" that they are in. This program teaches many useful lessons to help our students stay in the "green zone." Along with this program, we will be using PECs. All of our daily schedules will be detailed with visual schedules. If you have any questions about any of these programs please feel free to contact me.

         If at any point you'd like to contact me, please know that you can do so by either calling before or after school hours or by sending an email to sotovaleriod@staffordschools.net. Please know that I also speak Spanish if I could be of any assistance in that way too!

         I look forward to working together this year! 



    Ms. Soto