• 8F8E10BA-47F7-4FF4-B681-5A093CC8B1CA_1_105_c.jpeg Hello fellow Dolphins-

    Looking forward to the time when we get to create art together in our studio at Stafford Elementary.  Until that day, I hope that you enjoy the fun and exciting lessons that I have planned for you on our Google Meets and on Canvas.  Be sure to check out the lessons under you Art Course tab in Canvas.    There are lots of fun activities and resources for you to explore!  Do you enjoy making art?  I love to draw,  paint with watercolors and have even dabbled in fusing stained glass.  I made the butterfly drawing and mosaic table in the photo above.  The table was a challenge and took a whole year to complete! 

    This is my second year at Stafford Elementary, yet my 23rd year of teaching Art.  Two years ago, I moved from Connecticut to join my husband and his two kids, John and Darcy.  We enjoy seeing the sights around Virginia, including historical landmarks and many beautiful gardens.  We also like to go to Nats Park to cheer on the Nationals (unless they are playing against the Yankees).  On a nice day, we like to take bike rides and go for walks with our dog Mitzy whom we adopted last January.