The Synergy ParentVUE portals give parents web and mobile access to grades, assignments, and communication with teachers.  ParentVue offers the following features:

    Mobile Access (iOS & Android)

    Our mobile apps for parents and students accommodate families’ busy schedules – from work to after-school activities and weekend events. Parents and students may also access the web-based portals at any time. If using a moblie device, download the ParentVue App, swipe left, search the zip code (22554) and select Stafford County Public Schools.

    Single Sign-On

    Parents need just one login to see information for all of their children, regardless of school. Students can view all of their information in one place, even if they attend more than one physical or online campus.

    • Calendar- Lookup school holidays, events and assignment due dates.
    • Class Schedule- Check student schedules for course titles, rooms, and teachers
    • Class Website Access- Stay up to date with what’s happening in the classroom.

    Customizable Alerts- Parents can opt-in to get email notifications about school events, attendance, or when a student performs below a specified grade.

    • Grades & Assessment Scores- Parents and students can check performance right away to see whether the student is on track academically or if extra help may be needed.
    • Self-Serve Student Information Updates- Parents can easily update details such as emergency contact or physician information.  


    To access ParentVue a parent/guardian must have educational rights for their student(s). The parent/guardian will receive an activation key code from one of the student’s school.  The parent will follow the directions on the activation key to set up the account. Once the account is set up, parent/guardians will see all their student’s information under one screen.


    The following short video will provide a sample tutorial of what is available in ParentVue.  
    **Disclaimer** The video is provided by Edupoint; Student data shown does not reflect actual student information. This video may display more or less than Stafford County Public Schools currently has available for ParentVue.  


    Frequently Asked  Questions:

    Do I need to sign up for ParentVue each year? 
    No. As long as the student is still actively enrolled in a Stafford County Public School, the ParentVue account will carry over from year to year. 

    Do I need to create an account for each of my students?

    No. Each student is connected to the parent and parents only need one account.

    What if I cannot see all of my students under one account?
    If the parent/guardian is not able to see all students when signed in, contact one of your student's school to ensure the parent doesn’t have multiple parent accounts. This occurs when schools do not enter the exact same information for the parent for each student.  For the example given, the parent name was entered differently for each student.
    Ex:  School 1 enters:  Johnny B. Appleseed
    School 2 enters: Johnny Appleseed

    I don't see either parent listed as Emergency Contact
    You do not need to add either parent as an Emergency Contact since parents are default Emergency Contacts.


    What if I forgot my password and the email does not come to my inbox when I select “forgot password”?  
    Parents must have a unique email address.  If the email address is shared by parents, a password reset will not return an email.  If you request your password and do not get an email, call your students school. The guidance administrative assistant can help reset the password.

    I am trying to create my account using the Activation Key directions but I am having trouble.  What should I do?  

    Be sure you are entering your name exactly as the Activation Key has your name displayed.  Be sure you are using a valid, unique email address. If there are still problems creating your account, please call your students school.  The central office staff is unable to work with parents directly for ParentVue accounts due to security concerns and ensuring proper parent/guardian access is provided confidentially.

    If I had a ParentVue account from a previous school district, do I need to get a new activation code from Stafford County Public Schools? 
    Yes, you will need to get a ParentVue account from Stafford County Public Schools.  The ParentVue pages look very similar from each school district, be sure to use the ParentVUE Web Portal. If using a moblie device, download the ParentVue App, swipe left, search the zip code (22554) and select Stafford County Public Schools.