• Focus Art teacher

    Tyler Clarke

    Focus Art is a program that has been in the county for the past  35 years.  It provides services for students grades 6 - 8 that have been identified as gifted in the Visual Arts. Dr. Stephenie Fellinger is our facilitator for Gifted and Secondary Programs and Focus and Focus Art Services are areas under her supervision I am the only Focus Art resource teacher in the county and that is a record I've been happy to hold since 1995.
    The referral process starts with:
    •  a student referral  ( by teachers, parents, peers or the students themselves)
    •  a portfolio of 5 specific  art pieces
    •  an art teacher assessment
    •  a parent survey
    •  a timed art assessment with the Focus Art teacher.  
    These elements are then rated and evaluated to see if the student should be identified as gifted in the Visual Arts and that their needs would be better met by additional services in the visual arts.

    Referrals can be made  any time  between Sept. 14 and March 1. Information is then gathered for the I.D. meetings and for the rating of portfolios held twice a year - Dec. 3 and April 1 
    Students are pulled for services from their elective or P.E. periods for a 90 min. class two times per month - October through May.