• Girl's Field Hockey

    Welcome to the 2022 Field Hockey season! The goal of our field hockey program is to build professional development for each student-athlete through the building blocks of proper form and technique taught during practices and games. Each student-athlete is encouraged to work hard, keep their grades up, and strive to improve their performance throughout the season. Through hard work, we will positively impact the lives of others, build upon a tradition of integrity and excellence, and uphold high academic, social, and athletic standards for each of our student-athletes.



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cameron Wiseman

Head Coach



    Practice Monday-Friday 4:30 - 6:30 PM (unless game day)


    Please notify one of the coaches if you know you are going to be absent!

    Game Schedule: (Start time at 5:15 P.M.)


    8/29 - SMS@DSMS
    9/1 - SMS@HHP
    9/9 - SMS@RTMS
    9/12 - GMS@SMS
    9/16 - SMS@AGW
    9/19 - DMS@SMS
    9/21 - SMS@SHMS


    Academic Policy 


    Students are expected to attend all practices and contests for the entire duration.

    Students must inform the coach of any impending absences in advance (not the day of the absence).

    Absences from practices and games may affect contest playing time.

    If students have other school-related responsibilities, students should attend practice for at least half of the time and the other activity for half of the time (one hour each)


    Playing Time Policy

    Students will play in either the “B” quarter or main contest.

    Playing time is the coach’s decision.

    Attendance policy infractions, sportsmanship conduct, school conduct, and lack of preparedness, or other situations may determine playing time.


    Discipline Policy

    Coach may determine participation consequences for conduct issues such as:

    • Classroom actions
    • Poor sportsmanship
    • Teacher feedback
    • Lack of preparedness


    Students receiving school suspension/detention results in non participation.

    • After School Detention - suspended from practice/game on date of ASD
    • ISS (first time) - suspended from practice/game on date(s) of ISS and one game suspension
    • ISS (second time) - dismissal from the team
    • OSS - dismissal from the team


    Pick Up Times


    Practice   6:30 PM

    Home Games 6:30 PM

    Away Games 6:30 PM


    More Information

    Stafford Middle School Athletics Website



    Coach Information

    Cameron Wiseman