• PTO Membership
    We strongly encourage all RTMS families and faculty members to join the PTO. Membership dues are used to support numerous programs at RTMS during the school year. PTO meetings are held throughout the year, and members are encouraged to attend and vote on PTO business. Our programs are possible only with the support of volunteers.
    2020-2021 Annual Membership dues are:
    Family Membership: $10.00
    Staff Membership: $5.00
    Membership Online Forms:
    *You will follow a link to the PTO payment page to pay your dues!
     If you would like to join the PTO, please visit our online store HERE.
    If you own a business and would like to know more about contributing to RTMS PTO, please check the box on the Family Membership form and we will contact you using the contact information you provided above. If you contribute to the Jaguars Business Partners program, we will gratefully acknowledge your business in our monthly PTO newsletter and on our website.
    2020-2021 Opt Out / Direct Donation

    Unlike traditional fundraising where only a percentage of the money your family spends comes back to the school, “Opting Out” with a tax deductible donation ensures that your entire donation goes directly to the RTMS PTO for use in school. Plus, you will not have to purchase or sell any fundraising items this year unless you want to.

    With the Opt Out / Direct Donation program, the RTMS PTO receives 100% of the money donated. There are no outside fundraising vendors that need to be paid from the donations. Some parents prefer knowing that 100% of what they donate goes directly to the PTO.
    Whether you choose to make a direct donation or to participate in the fundraisers, your generous support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering this opportunity.
    If you would like to Opt-Out, you may donate at our online store HERE.