Stafford County PS App

  • Our school division's website platform offers a mobile app that is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


    Download the Stafford County PS App from your app store:

    Apple Devices:

    App Store

    Android Devices:

    Google Play

Getting Started

  • Once you've installed the Stafford PS app you'll want to take a look at your settings.

    This is how you'll select which schools to follow and how much information you want inside the app.

    Have questions or want help? Contact the webmaster

    1. Open the Stafford PS app

    app main screen

    2. Swipe over to the last page/screen and select "Settings"

    settings page

    3. Select "Follow schools"

    follow schools

    4. Select "Mountain View High School"

    select schools

    5. Select the individual items you want to display in your app or you can select "All"

    detail selections