G Suite for Education

  • SCPS logo and G Suite logo.

    Our school division has selected G Suite for Education as the collaborative platform for students and staff. Students at our high school are given access to the full range of G Suite apps which can be used equally on school-owned devices or personal devices.


    Students: At the end of your high school experience you will be able to transfer your Google files into another Google account. This way you don't have to worry about losing access to all your work.

Account Access

  • We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser for the most seamless experience. The Chrome browser is available on all school division devices and can easily be installed on most personal devices for free. 


    It's important to remember that while these are Google accounts, the domain name is not @google.com as it is with a personal Google account. Anytime you're trying to access your school account, you'll need to type the correct domain ending:

    Students = @scps.net

    Staff = @staffordschools.net