• Salvete omnes! 

    Latin Club is for those that have interest in all things Roman, including language, culture, mythology, and history. You do not have to be in a Latin class to be a part of Latin Club. To keep up to date on club events and officers, see our club website. There are optional club dues of $10. Dues help fund club events, Certamen registration fees, VJCL membership fees, cords for seniors and more. 

    Join our Remind group by texting @shlatin to 81010. 

    Latin Club Officers (2022 - 2023):

    • Consuls: R. "Tiberius" Redden and R. "Ophelia" Richard 
    • Censor: I. "Bestia" Sims
    • Scriba: R. "Persicus" Neely

    Other parts of Latin Club:

    • Certamen (Remind code: @shcertamen)

    Students in Latin can compete in Certamen, which is a battle of the Latin nerd brains. Practices are held weekly after school, with competitions each month or so. 

    • Current victories:
      • Advanced teams placed 1st and 3rd at Hayfield Street 2022 Certamen.
      • Advanced team placed 1st at St. Albans 2022 Certamen.
      • Novice team placed 4th at the TJ 2020 Certamen.
      • Novice team placed 2nd at UMW 2020 Certamen.
      • Novice team placed 2nd at UMW 2019 Certamen.
    • VJCL Latin Convention

    Each November, the Virginia Junior Classical League holds a Latin Convention for students throughout the commonwealth. Students complete project, compete in costume contests, and so much more! If you attend the VJCL Convention, club dues MUST be paid.


    Latin Club is sponsored by Magistra Buckler

Last Modified on June 21, 2022