• Salvete omnes! 

    Latin Club is for those that have interest in all things Roman, including language, culture, mythology, and history. You do not have to be in a Latin class to be a part of Latin Club. To keep up to date on club events and officers, see our club website.

    Help Improve Latin Club! 

    We are looking for student input on how to improve Latin Club! Fill out the form that fits your situation.

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    Other parts of Latin Club:

    • Certamen

    Students in Latin can compete in Certamen, which is a battle of the Latin nerd brains. We have practice every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. There are competitions throughout the commonwealth where we compete against other schools. 

    • Current victories:
      • Novice team placed 2nd at UMW 2019 Certamen.
    • VJCL Latin Convention

    Each November, the Virginia Junior Classical League holds a Latin Convention for students throughout the commonwealth. Students complete project, compete in costume contests, and so much more! 


    Latin Club is sponsored by Magistra Buckler


Last Modified on May 23, 2019