Welcome to Second Grade! We're all ready for a fabulous year! This page will be updated with important annoucements and dates for all of 2nd Grade, but please use the name labels on the left to learn more about each individual teacher and class. Your child's teacher will also be posting their own important updates, annoucements, and event reminders. Thank you!


    Quarter Two annoucements:

    Thank you to everyone who everyone who attended conferences. We had some great conversations! If you'd still like to have a conference, please contact your child's teacher to get one scheduled.

    Keep an eye out for information on upcoming PTO school events. Annoucements will be sent home as they get closer.

    Second grade teachers all have their own preferences for homework, but we all ask that you make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes each night.

    We have a pretty early lunch, so please try to send your child with a snack every day to have in the afternoon before dismissal. 

    What we're learning this quarter:

    - 3-digit place value: Where do the hundreds, tens, and ones belong in each number? What is each digit worth? How can you write it in expanded form? What is ten more? Ten less? 100 more? 100 less?

    - Counting coins up to a dollar

    - Continuing to build fact fluency- use strategies such as making a ten, counting on, doubles, and near doubles.

    - Solving equations and word problems using addition and subtraction

    - Map skills: how to use a map and globe, finding and naming the continents and oceans, identyfying major U.S. landmarks

    - Native Americans and their contributions- The Plains, The Southwest, The Powhatan

    - Types of weather and the tools used to measure it

    - Continue building fluency and comprehension while reading