• Parents, students, and teachers participate in the identification process for the need for gifted education services and work together to develop students’ abilities and talents through appropriate learning experiences and environments.

    Furthermore, parents, teachers, and students may refer students for gifted identification by completing the referral forms found in the school offices; identification for gifted services may occur at any time in a student’s K-12 education.

    The identification process includes the use of ability tests, achievement tests, student work samples, parent survey, student observation/interview, and teacher observation(s). Students may be identified to receive gifted services in the areas of academics or arts. Additional information regarding the referral and identification process may be found by contacting your school's gifted resource teacher or Dr. Fellinger, K-12 Coordinator of Gifted and Secondary programs.


  • Parents are encouraged to participate in a number of activities that are designed not only to inform them but also to encourage them to offer their skills to improve learning experiences for their children. Opportunities for involvement include chaperoning for field trips, becoming mentors for independent study projects, assisting after-school chess and thinking/game clubs, Open House nights, parent workshops, parent conferences, and the Gifted Advisory Committee.