Innovative Teaching Grant Criteria

  • Purpose:

    Innovative Teaching Grants are designed to provide teachers with the opportunity to improve student achievement and learning through innovative and creative practices.



    All full-time educators employed by Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) who work directly with SCPS students at the pre-kindergarten through post-secondary level are eligible to apply for Innovative Teaching Grants offered by the Stafford Education Foundation.



    Applications are accepted once a year, and must be emailed to the Community Engagement Coordinator, Emily Byers (, or mailed to Central Office. All applicants are sent an acknowledgment email from the Foundation when the application is received.  Recipients of grants and their principals will be notified by email.


    Grants are to be utilized for projects commencing in the 2019 - 2020 academic year. Each project coordinator must agree to submit a report to the Foundation at the completion of his or her project describing the results of the project and evaluating its effectiveness.



    • Grants in the amount of "up to" $600 (for an individual teacher) and "up to" $1,200 (for a team of two or more teachers) will be awarded once a year to Stafford County Public Schools teachers who seek to increase and enhance the learning opportunities of their students. 
    • Funds may be used to support classroom instruction by providing funds for the purchase of unique or innovative classroom equipment and/or instructional supplies, outside the classroom experience (i.e. field trips), classroom speakers and other related initiatives.
    • The larger grants of "up to" $1,200 will be made available to teams of teachers who are working collaboratively on projects that can have a greater impact on a school.
    • Successfully funded programs will do the following:
      • Be innovative, creative, and capable of serving as a model for other teachers 
      • Support instruction, either inside or outside the classroom
      • Be designed to improve student achievement and learning
      • Compliments at least one of the Stafford County Public School C5W concepts - communication, creativity, critical thinking, citizenship, collaboration or wellness