• Welcome to Fourth Quarter: Distance Learning Style!

    I certainly didn't think I was saying goodbye for the year when I sent students off through the door for Spring Break March 12th, but here we are.  This is an unprecidented health crisis, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime; now that we are in the middle of it we have to adapt and see if we can make the best of the situation.  I have really seen each student make excellent growth this year and want to continue that through our distance learning fourth quarter!  I will work with all of you, whatever you may need, to make sure each student is taken care of.  We are in this together, so please email me any questions or concerns that you may have. 

    Students will be receiving a majority of their lessons through their Google Classroom (linked under Class Resources), and are encouraged to continue to access math skills on Dreambox, as well as practice reading comprehension through the use of Raz Kids.  Students should also be reading at home, as well as practicing math facts for fluency.  Students can also access additional resources through the school library, as well as through the additonal apps on the student resources page (Clever). Here is a link to help you with FAQ about our format at home:  https://www.smore.com/cjfrh (Hawks Distance Learning Information)

    More importantly though, take care of yourselves and your children.  It's important to remain as consistent as you can with favorite familiar routines when possible, or develop new favorite routines during your days.  Kids thrive on repetition in expectations (and so do adults!), it helps us all to feel safe and cared for.  The activities we will put forth as a school and grade level team are going to be there for review practice and the solidification of skills previously taught this year.  They will be designed to help you get ideas of what you can be doing at home...but most important right now is making sure that you all stay safe and healthy!  Both physically and emotionally.  This can be a very challenging, anxious time for us all.

    Please encourage your children to continue to check Google Classroom and Flipgrid (fausett18) for important messages.  I will keep you updated via email and this website with any changes and any information that I receive.  I will be answering emails before 9:00am and then again after 4:00pm every day, as I also have my own children at home to guide through their Google Classrooms and review lessons. 

    We CAN get through this, but it will take us all together! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do to support your students at Hampton Oaks!