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  • FAQ About Forge Library Honor Book Donation Program:

    What is this program?

    A Way To Honor or Celebrate Someone Special With a Book Donation!

    Giving to the Library has never been easier. Do you want to honor someone special in your life? Celebrate a birthday or event like retirement, anniversary, or graduation? Or dedicate a book as a memorial to someone who has passed away? Donate a book in the person’s name to commemorate any of these moments and support our school library community. The name of the honoree will be written on a bookplate on the inside front of the donated book. If possible, a small message may be included.

    How do I participate?

    Complete a survey form. Forms can be found on the Library website.

    Then, drop off the donated book of your choice to the Library.

    If you need book suggestions, please see Library Staff or go to the Library website under tab “How to Find a Good Book” for award winners and recommended lists.

    Who can participate?

    Any interested student or staff member who completes the required form and gives a book donation.

    Will the honoree be notified about the book donation?

    Yes! Please mark that option on the form with the honoree’s contact info, and a letter or email will be sent to the honoree regarding your gift donation. 

    Will every book donation be added to the library collection?

    No, not necessarily. Any book that is donated still needs to be age appropriate and evaluated for approval before being added to the library collection. We appreciate your patience with the process, and thank you for your generous donation to the Forge Library.