About the Department of Procurement

  • Procurement's Mission in Support of SCPS's Mission: To serve, support, and collaborate with our customers and each other so we can deliver innovative, timely, and accurate solutions that create value and streamline processes in support of the mission of Stafford County Public Schools. To ensure the integrity and efficiency of the procurement process in an environment that is fair to all qualified businesses.

    We achieve our mission by dedication to excellence in customer service, providing avenues of access to businesses, processing orders in a timely manner, streamlining operations, pursuing cost savings, identifying new sources of supply, developing relationships with small, minority, and women-owned vendors, and complying with all laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


    To be a trusted partner that delivers outstanding customer service, fosters collaborative relationships, provides significant value, and is recognized as a procurement expert and leader within the K-12 and local government procurement community.

    These values drive our mission, vision, and goals:

    • Customer Focused: Everything we do has client satisfaction at its core.
    • Professional: We are experts in our fields and adhere to legal and ethical standards. We use this expertise to empower our clients to make the best business decisions for their operations.
    • Proactive: We add the greatest value by being involved as early as possible.
    • Collaborative: We believe that engaging our clients as partners and bringing expert resources together creates value and provides solutions.
    • Innovative: We seek out new solutions and continuously improve our performance.

    Resources and Links


    CURRENT INVITATION FOR BIDS AND REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS are publicly posted on the following sites:


    List of Prequalified Mechanical Contractors - 20-0913-FQ100


    Sole Source Awards: 

    Sphero Inc. 3/7/2023 




    Emergency Procurement Awards



    Informal Procurements (Request for Quotations $50,000+)

    RFP # 23-SCPS-040, Furnish and Install Walk-in Cooler/Freezer at Winding Creek Elementary School (3/03/2023)

    RFP # 23-SCPS-040, Addendum #1 (3/10/2023)

    RFP # 23-SCPS-041, Furnish and Install Walk-in Cooler/Freezer at Margaret Brent Elementary School (3/03/2023)

    RFP # 23-SCPS-041, Addendum # 1 (3/10/2023)

    RFP # 23-SCPS-042, Furnish and Install Walk-in Cooler/Freezer at Colonial Forge High School (3/03/2023)  


    SCPS Construction Terms and Conditions

    Section 00 02 00 - Information for Bidders

    Section 00 72 00 General Conditions


    Supplier Diversity

    Stafford County Public School’s (SCPS) continues to promote, improve, and grow public procurement opportunities with businesses that are certified by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. As part of our continued improvement process and for ease of access and use by SCPS departments and by the vendor community, i.e. to promote contracting and subcontracting with certified businesses, the SCPS Procurement Department has created a listing of certified Stafford County businesses. In addition, the full registry of Virginia certified businesses and information on how to attain certification is available on the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity Site.

    Any bidder/offeror/vendor that participates in SCPS’s procurement transactions is encouraged to seek out opportunities with diverse businesses!


    We follow all federal, state and county laws and regulations. 

    Terms and Conditions

    By accepting and performing a Stafford County Public School’s (SCPS) purchase order, the vendor agrees that the order is subject to SCPS’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions as follows, any Terms and Conditions set forth in the applicable solicitation (competitive sealed bidding and negotiations transactions) or request for quotations (small purchase transactions) and any Terms and Conditions added or otherwise incorporated by reference within a written contract of the parties. By accepting and performing this order, the vendor further agrees that the price includes shipping FOB destination unless otherwise stated herein.

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