• In 2005, the state of Virginia introduced the position of Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) to all school districts in an effort to increase the use of computer technology in the classroom.  The state budget  for education partially supports one ITRT per school district per 1,000 students.  Stafford County School Board supports the ITRT program by funding the additional ITRT positions so all 30 SCPS schools have a full time ITRT onsite.

    It is the position of the ITRT to learn new technologies, train teachers in how to use the technologies in their classrooms, team teach with the teachers, teach students proper methods of using these technologies for education purposes and to follow up with teachers and students to make sure the technologies are useful in the learning environments.

    Each year there are new devices, websites and applications to aid in the education or your students in preparation not only for the next level of their education, but also for when they enter the workforce when they finish with their formal education.  The problem is, we don't know what jobs will develop between now and that point in their careers.  It is the job of the schools to prepare the students to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow that do not exist today.  Much of the technology we use today will be obsolete in the next few years, but the new technology will be based on technology we have today, so we need to make sure our students are prepared for this advancement.