Welcome to the 2020-2021 Virtual School Year

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BA in Sociology, Minor in Social Work MA in Early Childhood Special Education

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Virtual School Year

Dear Early Childhood Families:

Welcome to a new way of learning at home for the 2020-2021 school year.  You will find a wealth of learning activities/recommendations on the "Newsletter" and "Resources" pages and through canvas learning.  I hope that you will find them to be valuable resources.  These resources will address such developmental skills as: cognition, language, social and emotional, self-help, fine and gross motor.  They will encourage active exploration, problem solving, social engagement, communication, self-concept and responsibility.  These resources are based on the following guiding principles.

           -Children learn best through active involvement with people, materials, events and ideas.

           -Consistent adult support and respect for children's choices, thoughts, and actions strenghen a child's self-esteem, feelings of responsibility, self-control and knowledge

           -Children learn best when immersed in a positive, consistent, and predictable routine

           -Children greatly benefit from a language enriched environment

Activities/recommendations:  The activities are enrichment ideas for you to modify in your home environement if you so choose.  Please note, however, that simply setting time aside to engage in play activities, while being present to talk and be with your child is time well spent.  Stay happy, healthy, and well.  

Please be sure to check in and contact me with any suggestions, questions, and/or concerns you may have.  

I wish each and every one a wonderful year as we embark on this new journey together. 

Thank you, Heather Blackwell