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    Hi Students and Families!

    As we move forward with this school year, I will be providing the students with at home learning opportunities that are consistent with our preschool curriculum. The purpose of these opportunities is to provide families with resources that can be used with students to reinforce skills and knowlege that have been previously taught. These at-home activities are encouraged, but not required. 

    At this time, refer to the online learning opportunities presented under "students" in the middle of the Early Childhood Education Centers' home page (staffordschools.net/Page/67), as well as use the Ready Rosie and Zoophonics resources that were sent home. Beginning the week of April 6, I will be providing more detailed instructional activities for the students. These activites will not take any longer than 60 minutes a day and will be activites you can embed in everyday life. Preschoolers learn best through play and when opportunities are personal and meaningful to them.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns as we learn how to navigate this new norm together. I miss all the children dearly and you are all in my thoughts. Please be safe and stay healthy. 

    Mrs. Clemmensen