• Hello Families!

    SCPS, to include North Star Early Childhood Education Center, is providing at-home learning opportunities by developing learning experiences that are consistent with curriculum for our preschool students. The purpose of these experiences is to provide families with resources through this webpage that can be used with students to reinforce skills and knowledge that have been previously taught. At this time, these at-home activities are encouraged, but not required. 

    Beginning on April 6, I will begin providing more detailed instructional activities for the kiddos. These activities will not take any longer than 60 minutes a day (in total) and will be activities you can embed in everyday life, extended learning ideas, and discussions on how to guide your child's learning in things you most likely are already doing at home. Preschoolers learn through doing and through play. Learning opportunities need to be personal and meaningful to them. That is when they learn best.

    I will be available Monday through Thursday during the day where you can reach me any time through email at merrittme@staffordschools.net. Please email if you would like to set up  google hangout, I would love to see your kiddos, and if possible we could get some kiddos on a call together to see their friends.  

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns as we learn how to navigate this new norm together. I miss all my kiddos dearly and you are all in my thoughts. Please be safe and stay healthy. 


    Miss Molly