Hello and welcome to our first opportunity for Quarateaching! I hope you are all well!


    Each week, we will be sending out suggested activities for your children which will be enrichment for what they have already been taught. My goal is for Quarateaching to be:

    - Familiar!

    - Fantastic!

    - Fun!


    I will post a variation of our general schedule here for you to use as a guideline. We have been asked to supply 60 minutes of activities for the children; I would suggest doing at least two consecutive activities if you can't do them all at once (which is okay:) in order to continue the order with which the children are familiar. The activities that will be provided will need your guidance and participation - you will have a fantastic time, with your child and any other children who want to join in! Finally, we will make these activities FUN because we want you to see how much FUN we have when we do them with your child! And we most certainly miss your children - please give them a hug for us!


    I will be sending the weekly activities in an email, and plan to also post them on our Class Dojo page once I get all of that working properly. I know some of you joined with ease, and some never got the invite! Be assured that you will all be able to get on by the end of this week.


    My "office hours" will be 9-12 am, which means I will be available to you via email almost immediately, unless I am in a (virtual) meeting, in which case I will get back to you once the meeting is over. Additionally, for questions, needs, suggestions, comments, etc I will be online 9-9 M-F and respond as quickly as I am able.


    Here is the "Order of the Day" for our activities:

    1. Warm-Up!

         - Good Morning Song

         - Nursery Rhyme/Finger Play

         - Movement


    2. Skills A

         - Left Brain! - Language, Literacy, Logic, Critical Thinking, Numbers, Memory, Fine Motor, Manipulatives


    3. Movement Break! - Gross Motor


    4. Skills B

         - Right Brain! - Creativity - Music, Art, Dramatic Play, Journal Writing, Sensory, Literacy (yes, both sides of the brain!)


    5. Get Out and Play - Outdoor skill development


    Activities will be listed under each heading - please feel free to share, make specific requests, or ask for whatever you might need - we are all in this together!