• Two Weeks of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

    I thought it would be new and fun for the children to receive some mail, so I printed and mailed eight activities to each of the children! This document is included in the packet for you:) There is a second document containing additional activities but I was not able to attach it here, so I will email it to you, along with the attached document.. I hope the children love the mail, and that you have lots of fun! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite things to do - I'm so sorry we can't do it together:( Please stay well and stay home!

    Hugs from Ms Gwen

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  • Week 2

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  • Week 3

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  • Week 1 plans

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  • Week One Quaranteaching!

    Hello everyone! As promised, here are your activities for the week of April 6 for your wonderful children. I think you will have fun! Please remember that they are designed for enrichment, not to learn brand new and there is some scaffolding (levels) so that there should be a way for each child to participate in each activity at a level where they are comfortable.


    The order is Warm-up, Cognitive, Movement, Cognitive, Movement. This is what we know to be the best order of learning for young children. It's perfectly fine not to do all the activities at one time, but do try to do them in pairs. I have tried to put bits of information in to help you understand the "why." It's okay to do the same activity more than once - you can even do them every day! I've tried to incorporate the familiar with new. Some will seem too hard for your child, some will seem too simple. It's okay, it's designed to help everyone! Each activity should be +/ 15 minutes - make one shorter if you think another would benefit from being longer. Or not. Or make them all longer! You are your child's best teacher, so follow their lead, and above all, have a great time!


    Please feel back to me - it will help next week to know what worked and what didn't. ALL of us are in our first round of this new normal! Email with questions!


    Hugs to everyone!!


    ps - the assumption is that you are already reading every day:) so please continue!

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