Academic Planning

  • Curriculum cards are developed for each grade level in our elementary schools, and each course in our middle and high schools. These curriculum cards provide the learning objectives to be achieved at each grade level and each course. If parents observe that their child is having trouble achieving learning objectives, they are encouraged to contact their school for a conference.

    We know that military connected students like all students have academic goals and aspirations.  In order to best support the educational transition of these students and in keeping with the provision of the code of Virginia Code of Virginia § 22.1-3. Persons to whom public schools shall be free. Section B paragraph 3 , Stafford County public schools permits military connected students to register for classes and apply to our specialty centers at the same time and in the same manner as those students who are currently enrolled. 

    In addition, resources on the left of this page will assist parents in pursuing different options for education. The below table outlines typical registration deadlines for these specialty programs.

SCPS Specialty Programs