*Updated for 2022-2023 School Year* 

    No food items are permitted at this time. With prior notification to the teacher (24-48 hours), take-home goodie bags with small items such as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. may be sent in. 



    With prior notification to the teacher (24-48 hours), parents may bring in small cupcakes for birthday celebrations. These must be the small size cupcakes and must come from a store and have the list of ingredients attached to the original packaging.

    The cupcakes will be shared with students during their lunch time. Parents are welcome to come have lunch with their child, but no party items (balloons, etc.) may be used for birthdays. Please be aware that food sent or brought into school that does not follow these guidelines will not be accepted.

    Once the child’s lunch is over the parents are not allowed down to the classrooms.

    When class parties are held during the school year, the teacher will request healthy foods to be shared with the class. Parents are asked to refrain from sending in any class snack or food for a celebration unless they have cleared it with the teacher.