• If you are thinking about retirement and desire more information about your retirement benefits through the Virginia Retirement System, (VRS) you may contact a VRS retirement counselor at 1-888-827-3847 or visit the Virginia Retirement System website.  Select the myVRS link to set up your member VRS Account.  This online tool gives you access to personalized benefit estimates, retirement planning tools, life insurance information and much more.

    For questions about continuing health insurance through a Stafford County Public School retiree group health plan, contact Cynthia Fortin or Cynthia Knutson in the Benefits Office at (540) 658-6000.

    Please note that in order to ensure timely retirement payments from VRS, the agency needs ninety (90) days advance notice. If you are married, your spouse is required to sign the VRS retirement application.

    If you are sure you want to resign or retire, please complete the Voluntary Termination of Employment form. This will notify Human Resources of your plans and you will receive the necessary paperwork to complete the resignation / retirement process.

    If you have questions about retirement, please contact the Payroll Office at (540) 658-6000.

    It is important that you specify whether you are requesting retirement or a resignation. 

    • RETIREMENT- Only if you plan to begin receiving pension payments from VRS immediately.
    • RESIGNATION- You do NOT plan to receive pension payments from VRS at this time. These payments can be deferred to a later date.  

    Please be advised that submission of a completed Request for Voluntary Termination of Employment Form will result in it being forwarded to the School Board for approval.  Upon approval by the School Board, the Department of Human Resources will notify you in writing.