• harris hawk house Harris Hawks, formerly known as the bay-winged hawk or dusky hawk, is a medium to large bird of prey that breeds from the southwest of the United States to Chile. It is also known to be seen in Central Argentina and Brazil. The Harris Hawk is often found in Europe where they are popular species in falconry, especially in Great Britain. If they are found in the wild in Europe it is because they have escaped from captivity. 

    Harris Hawks stand up for RESPECT. Harris Hawks understand that it is important to respect your adults and other students. They understand that you must treat everyone with the "Golden Rule", so they are treated the same way. Harris Hawks also know that it is important to respect our classrooms, school, homes, and the environment. They help others understand this by picking up the floor if they see something there, holding the door open for others, not screaming in the hallway. By doing these things they are modeling to others how they can RESPECT each other. 

    Hawk House Cup Wins

    • Harris Hawks have yet to win the House Cup 

    Teachers and Staff in Red House:

    •  Mrs. Cook - Front Office

    • Mrs. Davis - Paraprofessional/Computer
    • Mrs. Decker - Front Office
    • Mrs. Dawood 
    • Mrs. Dixon - 3rd
    • Mrs. Ebersole - 1st
    • Mrs. Fuentes - Paraprofessional
    • Mrs. Goss - 5th
    • Mr. Haynes - Physical Education
    • Mr. Howard - Custodian
    • Miss Keefer - 1st
    • Mrs. Miller - 3rd
    • Mrs. Miller - 1st
    • Mrs. Roth - Paraprofessional
    • Miss Shimensky - 3rd
    • Mrs. Timmins - Student Services
    • Mrs. Troutman - Student Services
    • Mrs. Ward - Computer Technician
    • Mrs. Whitley - Social Worker
    • Miss Quickel - 3rd