• gray hawk house The Gray Hawk is a tropical species that rarely cross the border into Arizona and Texas. The Gray Hawk is a blue-gray raptor with a carefully composed chest in an elegant print. They spend most of their days soaring over open areas or posing over poplar, willow, and mesquite trees. They look for lizards and capture them by pouncing on them on the ground. The Gray Hawk is a small buzzard with long tails and they are one of the only birds that can hover over the ground. 

     The Gray Hawks stand for KINDNESS. The Gray Hawks understand the importance of being kind to people, animals, their community, and the environment. They show kindness to others by doing a chore at home or school without being told to, participating in food drives, saying or writing a thank you letter to a teacher at school, and always having a smile on their face to help spread the happiness to others. 

    House Cup Wins

    • 2018-2019  

    Teachers and Staff that are part of the Blue House:

    • Mrs. Barker - Assistant Principal
    • Dr. Bengier 
    • Mrs. Bethany - 1st
    • Mrs. Brackmann - Paraprofessional
    • Miss Bruce - Art
    • Miss Boroch - 4th
    • Miss Carlton - 2nd
    • Miss Devan - KinderHawks
    • Mrs. Dickinson - Speech/Language
    • Mrs. Giambatista - Paraprofessional
    • Mrs. Hughes - Nurse
    • Mrs. Jones - Counselor
    • Mrs. Leon - Paraprofessional
    • Mrs. Malkiewicz - KinderHawks
    • Miss Phillips - 5th
    • Mrs. Piacenti - 5th 
    • Miss Sayegh
    • Miss Schmidt - 2nd
    • Mrs. Sellers - Paraprofessional
    • Mrs. Sobien - Librarian Assistant