• From Wind to Whimsy

    Project-Based Learning in Mr. Welker's Class


    About the project:

    "In my travels this summer through the Carolinas, I stumbled upon the town of Wilson and their Whirligig Park. I became fascinated with the fabricator (Vorhis Simpson) and his ability to harness the wind and scrap materials into such great works of folk art, many of them quite massive and complex. As a pilot project, some of my manufacturing students created wind-driven whirligigs, or wind toys, as a project. They had to develop a theme, create a way to turn rotary motion into reciprocating motion and fabricate and paint the device." -Mr. Welker

"Sights and Sounds of the Sea" by Preston B.

"Just Horsing Around" by Bradley S.

"Mary in Her Garden" by Jason B.

"Going Coastal" by Bobby D.