Inspire 10

  • Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) and its business partners share the common goal of providing quality of life resources to the community. It is our mission to inspire a prosperous connection between Stafford County Public School employees and businesses throughout the community. The Inspire 10 program is the connection. 

    ➢ What is Inspire 10? 

    Inspire 10 is an incentive program that will provide 10% off to Stafford County Public Schools employees at participating businesses in Stafford County. 

    ➢ How it Works? 

    A business will confirm their participation by completing the registration form

    Once confirmation is received, the participating business will receive a mailed decal logo to place on the cash register, entrance door or window, or any highly visible place. 

    Stafford County Public Schools employees will present their ID badge to receive the 10% discount at all participating businesses. 

    Businesses that participate will be included on advertisements, media campaigns, and other marketing activities. 


    Inspire 10 logo

Participating Locations

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