• Information and Recovery Opportunities for All High School Credit Bearing Courses (includes Middle School* Algebra 1, Geometry, World Languages, and Digital Applications)

    Students On-Track to Graduate (June 2020)

    School counselors are reviewing transcripts and course histories to apply for the state waivers necessary for students to graduate on time. School personnel will be confirming graduation, end-of-year grades, and necessary next steps with all students who are on track to graduate. Any student at-risk of not graduating will be contacted by the school.

    Moving to the Next Grade Level (9-11 Grade Students)

    In general, most students will move to the next grade level. Students and families will have options to consider, with respect to students’ final grades.

    How Final Grades Are Calculated

    • For X/Y and year-long courses, Semester 1 counts for 67% of the final grade and Quarter 3 (Q3) counts for 33% of the final grade. Quarter 3 ended on March 12.
    • For spring, 4x4 courses, the final grade is the first semester grade. Please note that the first semester for 4x4 spring courses ended on March 12.

    Grade Information

    • 3rd Quarter (X/Y year-long courses) and 1st semester (4x4 spring courses) grades will be updated and posted in ParentVue by April 6, 2020. Students and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to view their grade status and select an option listed below.
    • Final grade calculations will be communicated to families at a future date.
    • Year-end, final grades will be posted in ParentVue by June 5, 2020.

    Grading Options for Students

    To close out students’ 2019-20 grades, two options are available to all students enrolled in high school credit-bearing courses. These options also apply to middle school students enrolled in high school courses (Algebra I, Geometry, and World Language)

    Option I

    • Parent/Guardian views Q3 (X/Y year-long) or 1st semester (4X4 spring) grade posted in ParentVue on April 6 (based on work completed before 3/12).
    • If the parent/guardian or student accepts the grade, no further action is needed at this time. 

    Option II

    • If parents or students wish to improve the grade posted in ParentVue on April 6, students may ask their individual teachers for opportunities to complete additional projects and performance tasks to raise their grade.
    • Teachers will work with individual students who wish to improve their Q3 (X/Y year-long) or 1st Semester 2nd quarter (SQ2) (4x4 spring) grade. This will begin on April 14.
    • Students are responsible for reaching out to their teacher by May 1, if they wish to improve their grade. If students do not reach out to their teacher by this date, then the Q3 or SQ2 grade will stand.
    • In consultation with their teacher(s), students may be asked to complete missing work and/or to complete additional projects and performance tasks that demonstrate mastery of previously-taught content. All assignments must be submitted to teachers by May 8 at 2 p.m.
    • Teachers will consider equity, quality, and consistency when creating these additional projects and performance tasks (e.g. students with 504 and IEPs, EL learners, and students who do not have access to remote digital learning).
    • Participation in this optional recovery plan can only improve a student’s grade. Student grades will not be lowered, based on work completed as part of the optional recovery plan.


    *For middle school students only.  Middle school students who wish to expunge a grade in a high school credit-bearing course, and retake the course in the future, have the option to do so. Grades will be deleted from the child’s student transcript with a posting of “NG” (no grade) on the student’s cumulative record. Parents must make this request to their child’s school counselor within 30 days after the posting of the final grade (SCPS Policy #3610).