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    Snap & Read is a Google extension and reading tool for Google Chrome located at the top right of the Chrome toolbar. Snap & Read highlights text as it is read aloud across websites, PDFs, and Google documents. This tool supports a number of diverse reading needs, including students with dyslexia, English learners, and even students who want to build upon their current vocabulary. 

    Snap & Read is a multifunctional tool, providing these supports to students:

    • Reads accessible and inaccessible text;
    • Levels vocabulary;
    • Translates to over 100 languages;
    • Provides study tools that support writing by outlining;
    • Removes distractions from web sites to provide a supportive, online reading experience;
    • Supports focus with color overlay/reading line guides for students;
    • Picture-supported dictionary;
    • Accesses text in embedded images and inaccessible PDFs with a Screenshot Reader;
    • Annotates and highlights PDF documents.


    Snap and Read Training Link

    Snap and Read Quick Card Link

    Snap and Read Quick Card - Spanish

    Snap and Read Installation - Spanish

    Snap and Read Installation - Arabic

    Snap and Read Installation - French