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    • Navigating Library Databases - This video provides help with using research databases provided by your high school libraries (database links are found in the Research Help section).
    • Boolean Operators- This video provides instruction on how to craft efficient searches using the Boolean Operators AND, OR, and NOT.
    • MLA Formatting - This video provides instruction on how to correctly format your research paper in MLA style.
    • MLA Citation- This video provides instruction on preparing a Works Cited page and on creating parenthetical (or in-text) citations.
    • Avoiding Plagiarism - To cite or not to cite? This video provides helpful tips for how to avoid plagiarizing by knowing what you should cite.


    • Public Library Card - This video provides help in obtaining a library card from the public library system. A library card will allow students to obtain digital resources from the public library system, including e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, and research databases.

    PowerPoint Presentations

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    Plagiarism & MLA Citation

    This PowerPoint provides information on how to avoid plagiarism through proper citations.

    Research Strategies & Databases

    This PowerPoint provides information on how to get started on topic selection for research, search strategies and resources, and the databases available to students and faculty of Brooke Point, both here at school and outside!


    Writing and Citation Help

    BPHS Writing Rubric

    This document provides a rubric to help you improve your writing.

    Online Citation Helpers

    Links to citation helpers like Easybib.

    Purdue University Online Writing Lab

    A great resource for writing tips and for all kinds of help with citations (MLA, APA, Chicago, and more)