Stafford County Public Schools medication policy follows the Virginia law to assure the safe administration of medication at school to students.   

    • All medications administered at school must have a written doctor's order and parent permission / signature.  This includes emergency medications (emergency epinephrine, EPI-pen, inhalers, seizure medications), daily medications, over the counter medications, topical lotions and creams, and cough drops.    
    • A new medication order is required every school year and is good for the current school year.  
    • The medication needs to be in the original unopened container clearly labeled with the student's name.
    • If the medication is a prescription it needs the prescription label attached to the container and clearly list the student's name, medication, dose, route, and time to be administered.
    • The parent (or another adult authorized by the parent) needs to deliver the medication to the school nurse.
    • The first dose of any medication should be given at home with parent supervision so the student can be closely monitored for any adverse reactions to the medication.   


    If you know your child will need mediations at school for the upcoming year, please take advantage of the summer months to get the physician orders so you're ready to start school in August with the necessary medications.  If the asthma action plan or severe allergy anaphylaxis care plan is completed accurately then the medication permission form does not need to be completed for the meds listed on those 2 forms.  If your student has diabetes, seizures or other medical conditions requiring specialized care or medications at school please contact me for the correct form and care plan.  

    Contact me if you have any questions regarding medications at school.  I can be reached at 540-658-6260 during the school day.


    SCPS Medication Forms:

     SCPS Medication Permission Form

    Asthma Action Plan

    Severe Allergy Anaphylaxis Care Plan

    Physician's Statement for Students with Special Dietary Needs

    Stafford County Public Schools Health Services