• Repeat High School Credit 

    Students who failed a course during the school year may repeat that course over the summer. The cost to repeat a course is $150/course. The fee for repeat credit will be waived for families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19 or students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will also have the fees waived. Students may repeat as many as two courses during the summer, but must take the courses one at a time. There is no charge for current seniors.

    Two sessions will be offered for students to repeat a course:  

    • JUNE SESSION is June 8 - June 26 (seniors must sign up for this session)
    • JULY SESSION is June 29 - July 17 

    The entire Repeat Credit course will be conducted online. Each student will be assigned a certified classroom teacher to monitor and track their progress online. The grade that a student earns in the summer course will be recorded on the student’s transcript, along with their previous grade earned in the course.