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    When: Monday during the lunch hour

    Where: In the Cyber Cafe

    Sponsored by: Jacinda Patishnock

    Club President: Mousa Cheema and Ben Plonka, Seniors

    Coding Languages in-use: Python, Java, C, and C++

    What to Bring: A device to meet on and work with for projects.

    For physical meetings, the following applies:

    To save your own projects, bring a mini SD card for Raspberry Pi use or a flashdrive or portable hard drive for desktop PC use. If you have a preferred device of your own, get it approved prior to the meeting by either Ms. Patishnock (club sponsor), Mrs. Sutton (ITRT), or Mr. Renfrew (CTT).

    Gear Available: Our club has 10 Raspberry Pi mini-computers, a Pi-compatible touchscreen, and 24 desktop PCs. Each meeting involves assembling and disassembling your own computer device. If we schedule in advance, we also have access to two large TVs as monitors.


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