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    Raspberry Pi circuit board and logo

    Why: No experience needed, our biggest asset is our members! We're interested in and practice a diverse mix of computer and technology-related skills. For the 2020-2021 school year we're looking to open up our options, come be part of the process! 3D printing? Cricuit? Modeling software? VR? Robots? We're looking to mix it up! We have tutorial books, online references, and practice projects to get you started. Code on your own, with other members, or bring friends.

    Have some code you're proud of already? Cruise by and show it off! Or maybe you're stuck on one little part and looking for solutions? Stop by and ask our members for advice.

    Join the Coding Club Google Classroom: syzvauw

    When: Tuesdays after school from 2:30 to 3:30 pm

    Where: Cyber Cafe (attached to the Library on the second floor close to the Cafeteria stairs)

    Sponsored by: Ms. Ashwood, one of the librarians (ashwoodnl@staffordschools.net)

    Club President: Michael Adolf, Junior

    What to Bring: To save your own projects, bring a mini SD card for Raspberry Pi use or a flashdrive or portable hard drive for desktop PC use. If you have a preferred device of your own, get it approved prior to the meeting by either Ms. Ashwood (club sponsor), Mrs. Seligman (ITRT), or Mr. Crawford (CTT).

    Gear Available: Our club has 10 Raspberry Pi mini-computers, a Pi-compatible touchscreen, and 5 desktop PCs. Each meeting involves assembling and disassembling your own computer device. If we schedule in advance, we also have access to two large TVs as monitors.

    Coding Languages in-use: Python, Java, Raspbian, Scratch

Last Modified on May 15, 2020