• Welcome to Drew Middle School!

    Stafford County Public Schools uses Synergy’s Student Information System Parent Portal as a method of pre-registering new students to their zoned schools.  Pre-registration allows you to complete a majority of information online.  The remaining information required must be provided in person at the zoned school of residence for which you are registering your student(s).  Parents/Guardians of students enrolling in Head Start through 12th grade may use this system.  If you would like to participate in the online system, please read the instructions.


    Directions for how to register online

    For families new to Stafford, they will create an account (Online Registration - See bottom "More Options").  The creation of a new account requires a valid email address.


    Note the ability to choose English or Espanol.     


    You will complete the enrollment process at the school.



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Purinton

Questions about enrollment?

Please call Ms. Purinton at (571) 529-5444 or email: purintonja@staffordschools.net